Quick and flexible grinding machine

An extraordinary, cost efficient grinding machine with 4 CNC axes for spherical work. Pre- and fine grinding for lens diameters of 10-60 mm (up to 75 mm); lens radius >10 mm (- ∞).

The SPM-55 features a CNC Y-axis for cross-cut adjustment. The lens generator integrates a BOSCH Rexroth MTX controller and Satisloh user guided interface which make operation easier. All spherical processes of BaSyS package are available. SPM-55 commands a completely closed working chamber as well as short set up times and user friendly service and maintenance

Benefits and features

  • CNC Y-axis for cross-cut adjustment
  • Short set-up times
  • High positioning accuracy due to direct angle- and length-measuring system
  • Integrated cleaning basin
  • Compact design

Technical information

Working range

lens diameter 10-60 mm, up to 75 mm (depending on process)


brittle materials: glass, ceramics, crystals and similar materials




Work spindle   0 - 2000 1/min
Tool spindle     2000 – 16000 1/min


X, Y, Z, B

Electrical power

400 V, 5-phase, 4 KW

Compressed air

6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

955 x 1257 x 1785 mm / 38 x 49 x 70 inches


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