Blockless edging system

Based on proven ES-4 technology, Satisloh´s fully automated blockless edger, the ES-5, edges ophthalmic lenses without block-pieces and adhesive pads. This improves production flow, saves time and costs by eliminating lens preparation and post-processing steps as well as consumables.

Wet cutting technology creates unsurpassed edge quality and exceptionally long tool lifetime, reducing the frequency of tool changes and calibration.

An integrated lens inspection system, LIS, checks Rx power and cut-out of lenses, eliminating additional inspection steps prior to edging. The ES-5 easily detects and inspects even low powered single vision and prismatic lenses, ensuring precise decentration for all lenses.

Benefits and features

  • Blockless edging reduces process steps and operating costs
  • Unsurpassed edge quality and exceptionally long tool lifetime due to wet cutting technology
  • Integrated lens inspection system (LIS) eliminates additional external steps prior to edging
  • Non-contact measuring system for perfect bevel placement
  • Unique: Use in either blockless or in standard mode (convertible within minutes) 
  • Up to 80 lenses/hour

Technical information

  • Lens materials: all organic materials
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 
    Conveyor direction back to front:
    1880x 1430 x 2160 mm / 74 x 56 x 85 inches
    Conveyor direction front to back:
    1880 x 1630 x 2160mm / 74 x 64 x 85 inches
  • Weight: 1364 kg / 3007 lb


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