Fast and robust table top edger with advanced capabilities.

ES-shape bridges the gap between industrial 5-axis edgers and 3-axis tabletops. 20-30% faster than other tabletop edgers and with an abundance of features, it is a perfect fit for both in-store and central labs, with an ideal price point and compact size. Much more robust than typical tabletops and capable of easily processing complex shapes, the ES-shape is a breakthrough in all aspects of edging: quality, flexibility, speed, and reliability.

Benefits and features

  • Industrial design - provides maximum uptime in all Environments.
  • Unmatched speed - up to 30% faster than other table top edgers due to efficient mechanical design and high speed linear motors that rapidly drive components to position.
  • Exceptional cosmetics - high luster polish for all organic materials and beautiful, clean grooves on any lens shape.
  • Innovative tooling - a fixed dual diamond blade design eliminates the need to frequently change blades and improves productivity and lens edge quality.
  • Remote diagnostics - an easy-to-use remote diagnostics system provides fastest response times for immediate technical support and current software updates.
  • Green operation - environmentally friendly dry edging saves water and makes lens debris clean-up easy.
  • Options - lens shelving for easy processing of complex finishing jobs, e.g. on fashionable sports frames; variable angle drilling.

Technical information

Working range

  • Front base curves: up to 10 dpt
  • Minimum finishing B size with half eye clamping assembly: 18 mm rimless; 20 mm bevel
  • Lens diameter: max. 85 mm (effective)
  • Materials: all organic lens materials; i.e. CR39; Hi-Index; Polycarbonate; Trivex
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 521 x 559 x 821 mm / 21 x 22 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 82 kg / 180 lb