MES-360 MM

Machine Monitoring Module

MES-360 MM - Machine Monitoring Module provides accurate, real-time visibility into the lens production process by collecting real time machine data, providing productivity reports with machine utilization details (time producing versus waiting for jobs versus maintenance and other down time) and number of lenses produced. The system tracks cycle times, errors for each machine, tool usage and provides tool change and maintenance prompts, as well as sends alerts via text message or email when there is a machine problem. All collected information is available in a graphic dashboard which displays real-time status of machines and jobs.

Lab information at your fingertips with MES-360 MM Optional Apps:

  • Maintenance Scheduler: Plan and record maintenance for all machines and peripheral equipment
  • Job Booking: Enables tracking of jobs through manual processing steps.


  • Real-time machine status enables immediate troubleshooting when machines are down or not receiving enough work.
  • Proactive maintenance planning.
  • Proactive tool management.
  • Improved machine utilization and uptime.
  • Improved throughput times.
  • Improved productivity and reduced waste.  

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