Lab management software

Satisloh´s Rx-Universe lab management software (LMS), manages processing information for the complete Rx lens production process.

Rx-Universe calculates and processes standard and digital backside surfaces; Rx-Order, Rx-Performer, Rx-Device and Rx-Edge administrate & transmit data to surfacing and finishing machines.

Available in four packages (Rx-Universe, Rx-Universe Lite, and Rx-Universe Lite Edge and Rx-Lite Toric) and ten modules, Rx-Universe gives labs great flexibility, choosing the packages and modules essential to their actual needs and adding on as their needs grow. All modules are seamlessly integrated, providing continuity regarding user interface and software. Rx-Universe is a flexible solution, easily scalable from small labs producing 20 jobs/day to large labs producing 5,000+ jobs/day.

Packages & Modules


  • Rx- Universe
  • Rx-Universe Lite
  • Rx-Universe Lite Edge
  • Rx-Universe Lite Toric

Rx-Universe Modules

  • Rx-Order (order entry)
  • Rx-Device (device interface)
  • Rx-Edge (finishing equipment module)
  • Rx-Performer (calculation engine)
  • Rx-Connect
  • Rx-Server Interface
  • Rx-Report
  • Rx-Invoice
  • Rx-Inventory
  • Rx-Tracking
  • Rx-Site

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