Alloy-free blocking

ART – Alloy Replacement Technology - uses a universal, re-usable organic block-piece and a UV-curable adhesive rather than alloy and tape to fix and protect ophthalmic lenses for generating and polishing.

The use of organic material eliminates heavy metals and makes it safer for staff to handle and better for the environment.

Beyond its environmental qualities, the block-piece offers optimal stability and lens support for complex geometries during generating and polishing. Automated sorting of block-pieces by diameter and curvature after lens processing and deblocking by ART-Deblocker-A or the manual ART-Deblocker-M, ensures efficient re-use.


OPS (Open Platform Surfacing) 
Uses the special OPS block-piece that fits all common generators and polishers. Only an ART blocker and deblocker are needed to totally eliminate alloy from production. Integration of hard coating step is possible. 



Benefits and features

  • No pollution of waste and drain water by hazardous substances like heavy metals
  • High-precision blocking with exact front curve measurement
  • Precise blocking without block rings
  • No cooling time with UV-curing
  • Front side protection by adhesive, no taping needed
  • Machinable block provides stability and full lens support
  • Highly efficient re-use of block-pieces

Technical information

Lens materials

all standard organic materials, photochromic and polarized blanks

Working ranges

plano up to +15 dpt base curve / prism up to 5°
progressives, multi-focals, single vision lenses

Energy requirements

4 kVA, 208-400 V, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1215 x 1236 x 1907 mm / 48 x 49 x 75 inches without chiller


880 kg / 1940 lb