Manual, alloy-free blocker

ART – Alloy Replacement Technology - uses a universal, re-usable organic block-piece and a UV-curable adhesive, helping to protect both environment and staff.

ART-Blocker-M, using solely organic material, is the manual alternative to ART-Blocker-A

A scanner interface enters job data automatically, enabling the operator to be more flexible and save time. ART-Blocker-M features a prism tool that helps set the lens in the correct position and makes the lens easy to insert or load, avoiding malfunction due to wrong setting. It is not only easy to operate, but also easy to maintain.


OPS (Open Platform Surfacing)
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Benefits and features

  • Scanner interface  for automatic data entry 
  • Perfect addition to ART-Deblocker-M
  • Work sequence displayed on screen, reducing operator errors
  • Screen message alerts operator when the process is complete, avoiding breakage
  • Easy to maintain

Technical information

Lens materials

all standard organic materials

Working range

blank diameter: 65 – 85 mm
blank thickness: up to 30 mm
plano up to +15 dpt base curve / prism up to 5°
progressives, multi-focals, single vision lenses

Energy requirements

1, KVA, 220 – 240 V,  50-60 Hz

Dimensions (wxdxh)

701 x 711 x 1696 mm / 28 x 28 x 67 inches


210 kg / 463 lb