High-volume box coating system for clear AR and sun lenses

Satisloh ́s 1500-X is the next generation high throughput vacuum box coater for clear AR and sun lenses. This versatile high-volume coating system is ideal for large Rx labs and mass-manufacturing facilities that want to maximize their productivity with reliable and consistent coating.

Benefits and features

  • High capacity: up to 317 lenses/batch with ringless full dome.
  • Unprecedented throughput for multiple processes. The flexible system deposits anti-reflective (AR) and / or mirror coatings on organic and mineral lenses via thermal evaporation process (PVD).
  • Big Meissner trap with large surface area reduces pump times at the start of the deposition process. This increases throughput and stabilizes process conditions with excellent repeatable results.
  • Powerful and fast diffusion pump system.
  • Energy saving kit available.
  • User-friendly and intelligent HMI software allows operators to quickly input data, set up procedures and change between process parameters.
  • E-beam gun provides high flexibility when selecting and changing coating processes (eg: mirrors, AR, colors).
  • Simplified E-beam gun features E-beam emitter with fewer parts for easier maintenance, less re-alignment and increased reliability.
  • Ion gun improves the adhesion of coatings on various types of substrates and can be used during the layer deposition (ion assistance).
  • Full compatibility with Satisloh’s MES-360 manufacturing execution system.

Technical information

  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 2384 x 3295 x 2765 mm / 94 x 130 x 109 inches
  • Weight: 3580 kg / 7893 lb
  • Capacity: Up to 246 lenses Ø 70 mm with ringless 6 sector dome / Up to 317 lenses Ø 70 mm with ringless full dome