ART-Glue Detector

ART-Glue Detector

The ART-Glue Detector, an optional peripheral machine, detects glue residues after deblocking ensuring best lens quality. The unit can be easily installed after ART-Deblocker-A. 

Machine requirements:

  • Special fluorescent UV-adhesive required
  • Compatible only with OPS and OPS premium block pieces
  • Compatible only with Satisloh job trays

Benefits and features

  • After deblocking job tray is scanned and moves into the ART-Glue Detector
  • Detection of glue residues takes place inside the machine
  • Direct communication with LMS and MES
  • Manual cleaning process after detected glue residues requested

Technical information

Working range

plano up to +15 dpt base curve / prism up to 5° 
progressives, multi-focals, single vision lenses

Lens materials

all standard organic materials

Energy requirements

1 kVA, 208-400 V, 50-60 Hz

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1610 x 415 x 1815 mm / 63 x 16 x 71 inch with conveyor (standard)
400 x 325 x 1820 mm / 16 x 13 x 72 inch without conveyor 


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