Microseparator HC

Microseparator Automated Centrifuge System

Automated centrifuge systems

The automated systems serve as coolant reservoir, powder debris separation via automatic centrifuge, and automatic maintenance of fluid level and coolant proportioning.

The Microseparator™ systems work with both conventional and digital processing:
Conventional process:
Chip Separator with transfer tank – chip debris is removed at the generator and dirty coolant is pumped back to the main system.

Fast toric/digital process:
Pump Stations pump all fluid and debris via overhead pipeline to Chip Separators near the Microseparator™ system. Single point collection of chip debris away from the production area is achieved.

Benefits and features

  • Fully automated centrifuge
  • Tank and centrifuge enclosure all 304 SS construction
  • Self-cleaning tank design
  • Industrial grade PLC control panel
  • Eliminates frequent manual tank cleaning
  • Intuitive operator interface

System capacities

  • Microseparator® HC1 – 1 generator
  • Microseparator® HC3 – up to 3 generators
  • Microseparator® HC6 – up to 6 generators



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