Pump Station

Pump Station - Low Profile

The integrated and standard pump stations pump all the fluids and debris through an overhead pipeline to a single point of collection towards the Chip Separator or Chip Compactor system, eliminating the need for tanks and debris bins on the surfacing area. With the smallest footprint possible allows positioning between conveyors.

Available as:

  • Standard pump station - Low profile
  • Integrated pump station - Low profile

Benefits and features

  • Eliminates all tanks and debris bins from surfacing area
  • Easy/safe retrieval of deblocked lenses
  • Entrapment of blocking alloy for easy retrieval
  • Visually complementary to the lab
  • Smaller footprint allows positioning between conveyors

Technical information

Standard Pump Station  - Low profile

  • Power: 208V, 60Hz, 3 Phase or 400V,15A, 50Hz, 3 Phase
  • Air:  60 psi@ 1 SCFM 4.2 bar @ 28 l/m
  • Weight:  80 kg / 176 lbs

 Integrated Pump Station  - Low profile

  • Power: Provided by VFT-orbit 2 Generator
  • Air:  60 psi@ 1 SCFM 4.2 bar @ 28 l/m
  • Weight:  80 kg / 176 lbs

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