ISC – Integrated Smart Conveyor

MES controlled automation system

Satisloh’s Integrated Smart Conveyor (ISC), a completely unique automation approach that is extremely flexible and intelligent and offers configurations for every lab.

ISC combines standardized, but highly configurable, automation elements with an intelligent MES (Manufacturing Execution System) into a cost-effective and easily expandable platform that can accommodate every layout and every expansion plan.

Benefits and features

  • Standardized, easy to install elements for maximum layout flexibility and cost efficiency
  • Powerful MES with the ability to control both machines AND conveyors for most intelligent job routing, status tracking and more
  • Largest variety of configurations includes direct feed systems, bypass in-line systems, bypass loop systems, and bypass hybrid systems
  • Satisloh’s drag-and-drop software enables easy arrangement of any lab layout within minutes at the customer site
  • ISC’s open platform makes it compatible with both Satisloh and non-Satisloh equipment

Standardized elements

Full line of standardized, configurable elements includes:

  • Machine conveyor elements
  • Destacker/ Stacker
  • Curves
  • Divert/ Merge elements
  • Elevators
  • Kick-off elements
  • Rotators
  • Over- under loop systems
  • Tandem transfer elements
  • Swing gates
  • Spirals

To discuss flexible and affordable automation with ISC,
contact Satisloh.

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