Lab 4.0

Sustainable continuous improvement program for the optical industry

With Lab 4.0, Satisloh brings Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing to the optical industry and enables businesses to establish a true industrialized lens manufacturing facility. Lab 4.0 focuses on driving operational efficiency: it lowers the cost per lens by drastically reducing labor as well as the consumption of consumables and parts while improving overall equipment effectiveness. The program increases a lab's production quality and speed of delivery, all in a more sustainable, green way. The end result is increased revenue and maximized profitability.

Lab 4.0 is a continuous improvement program that is based on three pillars with MES-360 as its foundation.

  1. New generation of equipment
  2. Comprehensive STEP customer support program
  3. Intelligent automation


  • 70% less labor
  • 25% cost efficiency
  • 60% faster delivery
  • 20% less breakage
  • 50% smaller footprint per job produced
  • 25% less energy usage

*Numbers based on full Lab 4.0 implementation, i.e. all machines Lab 4.0 ready, all MES-360 modules implemented, automation of all key departments, Express AR.

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