Lab 4.0

Sustainable continuous improvement program for the optical industry

With Lab 4.0, Satisloh brings Industry 4.0/smart manufacturing to the optical industry and enables businesses to establish a true industrialized lens manufacturing facility. Lab 4.0 focuses on driving operational efficiency: it lowers the cost per lens by drastically reducing labor as well as the consumption of consumables and parts while improving overall equipment effectiveness. The program increases a lab's production quality and speed of delivery, all in a more sustainable, green way. The end result is increased revenue and maximized profitability.

Lab 4.0 is a continuous improvement program that is based on four pillars with MES-360 as its foundation.

  1. New generation of equipment
  2. Comprehensive STEP 4.0 customer support program
  3. Intelligent automation
  4. Interconnectivity of components

Labs implementing these four pillars can achieve up to*:

  • 70% less labor
  • 25% cost efficiency
  • 60% faster delivery
  • 20% less breakage
  • 50% smaller footprint per job produced
  • 25% less energy footprint

*depending on whether Express AR is utilized



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