Versatile polisher for highest flexibility and productivity

This fully automated, versatile soft tool polisher opens up a new era in polishing ophthalmic lenses. The Multi-FLEX is developed for high volume lens production with diverse production needs. Its special design makes it unique to the market.
With three independently-controlled polishing chambers, the cutting edge single-tool approach, and many more innovative features, production is more flexible and efficient than ever before.

Tool Wear Monitoring -
The smart system monitors and evaluates the polishing tools and detects when a tool needs to be exchanged. This enables labs to lower costs and waste due to breakage as result of polishing with damaged tools.

Benefits and features

  • Three independently-controlled polishing chambers speed up the polishing process by running up to three lenses simultaneously
  • Increased flexibility, since the three chambers can process lenses with different specifications at the same time
  • Two tool-spindles per chamber allow for a second process step
  • The innovative gantry loader allows free access and an unobstructed view for maintenance and adjustments.
  • New handling system ensuring the lens surface is not touched after polishing
  • RFID tags and reader ensure the correct loading of Dynamic kinematics for the particular tool and process
  • Multi-FLEX features a standard Premium process covering the full standard range of lenses, and optionally also specialty processes (extended working ranges, high luster, top speed, hyper index booster polishing)

Technical information

Working ranges

Base curve concave: 0 - 14 dpt
Cylinder 0-6 dpt.:            
Lens diameter: 60-85 mm

Lens materials

all organic lens materials

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1724 x 2108 x 1995 mm / 68 x 83 x 79 inches; incl. conveyor


approx. 1050 kg /  2315 lb