Manual dual spindle polishing system for medium and industrial production

A manually operated, dual lens, CNC controlled soft tool polishing system.

The Toro-FLEX is designed for easy operation in lens production. Two lenses are loaded simultaneously into the lens polishing spindles as well as two flexible polishing tools.

Benefits and features

  • Polishes concave, spherical, toric, free-form surfaces, all presently known organic materials
  • Tangential polishing kinematic ensuring stable process and optimized lens quality
  • High process security through encoded tool interface system
  • Software based tool selection ensures proper tool selection and application
  • Tool selection is indicated by green LED lights
  • Expired tool life is signaled by red LED lights

Technical information

Working range

Base curve conc.: 0-14 dpt.
Cylinder: 0-6 dpt.
Lens diameter: 48-85 mm

Lens materials

all organic lens materials

Dimensions (wxdxh)

695 x 1344 x 1843 mm / 27 x 53 x 73 inches


327 kg / 720 Ib


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