High volume vacuum box coater

The 1200-PO is Satisloh’s high volume coating system. It maximizes productivity, reliability, and energy efficiency. 1200-PO offers process flexibility to deposit a multitude of thin-film coating types on plastic, glass, and IR optics via thermal evaporation processes (PVD). The box coater is built for the requirements of large production coating operations.

Benefits and features

  • An intelligent, movable shield system for the Meissner trap optimizes pumping speed and protects against surface contamination
  • A new Meissner trap with a 15% larger surface area allows for faster pump times to the start of the deposition process – and therefore higher throughput. It also increases process repeatability
  • New, user-friendly HMI software and touchscreen make 1200-PO operation easy
  • Single or dual EBG´s with IAD and thermal resistive sources
  • Standard dual crystal head with shutter, or optional six crystal indexer
  • Extremely robust: reinforced vacuum chamber with welded tubes improves chamber thermal stabilization for maximum fatigue and corrosion resistance
  • New simplified e-beam emitter with 50% fewer parts for easier maintenance and increased reliability
  • New portable degassing system for coating operations utilizing low temperature coating processes
  • Green: diffusion pump heater modulation and insulated jacket cover reduce energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Up to 10% higher productivity
  • up to 25% lower energy consumption
  • 10% reduced maintenance time
  • next level of robust design for maximum up-time
  • Fully compatible with Satisloh´s MES-360 Manufacturing Execution System

Technical information

  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 2171 x 3145 x 2440 mm / 86 x 124 x 96 inches
  • Weight: 3167 kg / 6,982 lb
  • Capacity:  up to 329 lenses at Ø 55 mm (ringless dome)
  • Lens materials:  Polymer optics, glass and IR materials.


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