Precision tool using pre-configured polishing caps

The ASP-Tool is a precision tool using pre-configured polishing caps and an air pressure controlled polishing force to achieve a stable process with true elimination of tool wear and long term process stability in production.

The adaptive tool philosophy completely separates polishing force control and tool compliance from the shape of the removal function. 

Benefits and features

  • ASP-Tool base features 2 threaded holes for mounting of various tools, in particular the cap carrier plate
  • Elimination of tool wear, by utilization of the exchangeable polishing cap or by dressing the polishing pad
  • Replaceable caps are easily fitted to the cap carrier plate via pin guided click-on mechanism

Technical information

Dimensions and limits:

Standard length

42 mm

Flexible range

5 mm

Max. air pressure

3 bar

Max. RPM

3000 rpm


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