Spherometer Rings

Precision optics Spherometer rings

Comparative measurements in optical workshops

Through efficient and reliable measuring instruments, accurately quality assurance and quality control can be performed. Spherometer rings and measuring gauges are essential for the accurate preparation and correction of tools.

Benefits and features

  • Very precise correction and exact preparation of tools
  • Spherometer Rings and measuring gauges are used for comparative measurements in optical workshops
  • Supports quality assurance and quality control
  • Availble as Satisloh spherometer set or as single component

Technical information

The Satisloh spherometer set in a special case has proved to be particularly suitable in practice:

  • 13 spherometer rings
  • (No. 01 – 13)
  • 1 clock gauge - readings to 0.01 mm
  • 1 clock gauge - readings to 0.001 mm
  • 20 extensions for key-pegs of clock gauges
  • (2 set each with 10 Nos.)

Satisloh also offers spherometer rings as single components:

  • different inner diameters between 5 - 180 mm
  • different outer diameters between 8 - 200 mm 


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