Generating center

The G-System is a 5-axis generating center for grinding brittle materials such as glass. It processes work piece diameters up to 500 mm/prisms 310 mm in multiple applications.

The CNC controlled GI grinding platform provides pre- and fine grinding and unmatched process flexibility, including steps like drilling, sawing, scooping and form edging. The innovative design allows tailor-made machine versions for specific demands and realizes unsurpassed functionality in processing. When combined with CAD/CAM-interface, complex geometries in glass and similar materials can be generated. Processing methods include aspherical processing in different modes, generating shapes and edging. Prisms can be produced in single or batch mode.

Benefits and features

  • 5-axis simultaneous controlled movement with 3 linear and 2 rotational axes enabling automatic figure control
  • Pre- and fine generating spherical and aspherical surfaces
  • Superior fast and consistent processing accuracy
  • Integrated automatic tool changer
  • “Gantry design” compensating temperature expansions, keeping best spindle alignment
  • Superb repeatable accuracy given by direct driven spindles and axis design in a sealed machine chamber system

Technical information

Working range

diameters up to 500 mm


glass, ceramic, crystals and similar materials


spheres, aspheres, plano optics, cylinders, prisms, domes, rods and other complex shapes

Compressed air

min. 6 bar


X, Y, Z, (W in model GI-3P) linear               
B, C, (E optional in model GI-2P) rotary

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1670 x 2660 x 2530 mm / 66 x 105 x 100 inches


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