Precise and versatile grinding machine

The PR-150 ensures high precision processing of prisms: different surfaces in only one cycle as well as radii, with exact angles and exact surfaces. Infinite surfaces and roundings up to 360°.

The PR-150 grinds extremely accurate angles of plano surfaces in relation to each other. The machine automatically calculates the initial and the finish points as well as the radii centers and determines the different process steps. With 3 CNC axes continuous path control prompt facility is provided. The feed rate is infinitely variable programmable which also allows the generating machine to adapt to any workpiece geometry.

Benefits and features

  • Universally applicable processing from all prism surfaces on one level
  • Highly precise angles of plano surfaces in relation to each other, using rotational axis with an accuracy of 10’’
  • Fast set-up; simple chucking devices make re-tooling fast and easy
  • High process speeds by high dynamic drives
  • Compact construction, small footprint

Technical information

Working range

up to 150 mm largest diagonal of workpiece (symmetrical)


glass, all brittle materials e.g. silicon disc

Tool spindle

infinitely variable 2000 to 8000 rpm


0.1 to 100 mm/min infinitely variable rapid feed: max. 3000 mm/min
Cycle accuracy of rotation axis 10´´

Electrical power

up to 7.5 kVA

Compressed air

min. 6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1000 x 1480 x 1900 mm / 39 x 58 x 75 inches


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