Micro optics grinding machine

The SPM-10 is designed for highest production demands of grinding complex, small lenses, and micro optics spheres and aspheres with maximum precision and best surface finishing.

The unique grinding tool spindle turns with up to 100,000 rpm for production of smaller workpieces than ever before.

 3 reception systems are available for different workpieces.

Benefits and features

  • Precision processing
  • Air bearing or ball bearing spindles, both up to 100,000 rpm
  • Three reception systems available for different workpieces
  • Direct drivren and water-cooled B-axis guarantees repeatability and highest precision
  • HS-30, automatic loading with force driven linear Z-axis for highly sensitive handling optionally available

Technical information

Working range

spheres: diameter from below 1 mm up to 10 mm


aspheres: from 7 mm to 12 mm


tool diameter up to 30 mm


spheres and aspheres


Workpiece spindle up to 2,700 rpm
Tool spindle up to 100,000 rpm


X, Z, B, Y, C

Electrical power

400 V , 3kVA

Compressed air

min. 6 bar


700 x 1300 x 1725 mm / 28 x 51 x 68 inches



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