Highly flexible machining center

The SPM-200 precision optics grinding machine covers a wide work piece range from 5-200 Ø in mm, due to the patented 2-tool spindle technology and a new horizontal grinding spindle. It combines maximum process and substrate geometry flexibility, superior speed and consistent processing accuracy, and enables cost-effective production and fast time to market.

The SPM-200 not only allows pre- and fine grinding of spherical surfaces but also aspheric grinding in cup wheel and disc mode. In addition, cylinder, toroid and freeform grinding in spiral and raster mode are only some more processes the SPM-200 offers. CNC programming is directly possible according to DIN 66025 and of course, the SPM-200 is also compatible with Satisloh’s CAMPos software solution.

Benefits and features

  • Modular, upgradeable system design with various spindle combinations for maximum process flexibility
  • Excellent repeatability and accuracy 
  • Integrated 3D measuring system for form verification and correction of aspheres, OMM (option)
  • Ergonomic machine design for best operation and maintenance
  • Polymere concrete machine base for superior damping, stiffness, thermal and chemical resistance
  • Versatile 360o tool swivel head with multiple options
  • Unique 2-tool spindle technology and additional horizontal grinding spindle for disc and ball tools
  • DataCorrect and Synline software (option)

Technical information

Working range

spherical: 5 to 200 mm
aspherical: 5 to >200 mm 


glass, ceramics, crystals and similar materials

Electrical power

up to 7.5 kVA                                                                                      

Compressed air          

6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

1200 x 1850 x 1970 mm
47 x 73 x 78 inches