Spherical and aspherical polishing machine

The SPS-200 precision optics polishing machine covers a wide work piece range from 5-200 Ø in mm. It combines maximum process and substrate geometry flexibility, superior speed and consistent processing accuracy, and enables cost-effective production and fast time to market.

The SPS-200 polishes spheres by pre- and finepolishing in Synchrospeed or Vario-speed polishing Technology. The Adaptive Deterministic Aspherical Polishing Technology (ADAPT) lets operators process highly accurate aspherical shapes in an efficient and repeatable way. In addition, the machine offers 3D-process simulations and processes can be programmed offline and simulated with Satisloh emulation software.

Benefits and features

  • Various polishing process solutions
  • Integrated dual spindle technology allows pre- and correction polishing without tool changing by using the ADAPT method
  • Removable dressing spindle for extended working area
  • Spherical and aspherical polishing possible (option)
  • Quick and easy set up with automated touch on functions
  • Measuring system for sagittal height (option)
  • Easy to use Interface software Satisloh BaSyS

Technical information

Working range

spherical 5 to 200 mm                                    
aspherical 5 to 200 mm


glass, cramics, crystals and similar materials 


spheres, aspheres, cylinder, toroid, freeforms & other optical surfaces

Electrical power

up to 7.5 kVA

Compressed air

6 bar


1200 x 1850 x 1970 mm                                        
47 x 73 x 78 inches



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