Micro optics polishing machine

Optimized polishing machine for micro-optics, optimum in accuracy and special conditions in micro optics fabrication, for diameters up to 30 mm, spherical polisher (aspherical optional).

Equipped with the integrated  dressing spindle technology, the polishing machine is highly flexible and extremely accurate. The compact construction features minimal foot print requirements and the working chamber with special anti haft coatings creates best conditions for sensible material and requirements in micro optic surfacing. The SPS-30 is the perfect match to the SPM-30 grinder.

Benefits and features

  • Compact construction with minimal foot print requirements
  • Easy Windows™-user guided programming with touch screen monitor
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Aspherical polishing (optional) and “Stemp”- polishing for high aperture single lenses and multi block holders (optional)

Technical information

Working range

diameters up to 30 mm


brittle materials: glass, ceramics, crystals and similar materials


Work spindle: up to 2700 rpm
Tool spindle: up to 2700 rpm
Dressing spindle: up to 6000 rpm


X, Z, B

Electrical power

3 kVA

Compressed air

90 psi / 6 bar

Dimensions (wxdxh)

700 x 1200 x 1600 mm / 28 x 47 x 63 inches