Aspheric Deterministic Adaptive Polishing

The Aspheric Deterministic Adaptive Polishing Technology is an innovative way to improve pre- and corrective asphere polishing regarding quality and time.

This pre- and corrective polishing technology for rotationally-symmetric aspheres dispenses with iterative pre-polishing processes and uses convergent corrective polishing. No repeating process steps anymore, results are reproducible, shape is retained and mid-spatial frequencies are minimized. The set-up is particulary easy. The adaption to surface is calculated and the tools are flexible, exchangeable and pre-configured. Zonal and local corrections ensure a better preparation for the finishing process and also guarantee a faster and more efficient finishing. 


Benefits and features

  • Time-savings up to 50%
  • Cost efficient - save up to 30% on tool handling costs
  • Free capacities on the polishing machine
  • High precision and reproducibility

Technical information

Available for


PC / Software

runs on external multi-core PC with Microsoft Windows™ 64 bit 

Metrology interfaces

Taylor-Hobson, Mahr, Zygo, Zeiss,
others on request


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