Postprocessor interface - software solution

The postprocessor interface transfers CAM-data into machine specific NC programs.

The flexible, easy to use CAMPos software solution allows data exchange with common CAM systems to generate 2-, 2.5- 3- and 5-axis motion to produce a wide range of workpieces.
As CAMPos is integrated into the machine software, the individual reference values of the specific machine are available for the postprocessing to give maximal flexibility and precision. To machine edge of larger parts, the CAM tool path can be converted into a roller curve tool path.

Benefits and features

  • Supports independent CLS and APT file formats
  • Quick and easy transformation of CAM data at the machine on the shop floor
  • Exact transformation (reference positions of the machine are available in the software)

Technical information

Available for

GI, GI-AP, SPM-200 and SPS-200

Supports independent CLS and APT data formats.
Generation of BOSCH Rexroth compatible NC programs in DIN/ISO code.


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