Figure correction software

Software for efficient figure correction of spheres and aspheres with direct input of metrology data, including data manipulation.

This software solution corrects rotationally symmetric grinding and polishing shape errors. Providing complex algorithms, it leads to significant processing time savings. Direct input of metrology data is possible. Furthermore, data can be manipulated by e.g. smoothing and replacing false data points. Range extrapolation is possible through geometrical expansion. Dwell-times are automatically calculated for polishing process, path corrections for grinding. DataCorrect is ideally suited for all Satisloh CNC generators and polishers.

Benefits and features

  • Process specific, dedicated features for grinding and polishing
  • Complete solution, including raw data manipulation and fitting
  • Compatible with numerous metrology data file formats
  • Edge extensions: tangential, spherical, parabolic, constant

Technical information

System requirements

software runs on Windows™ PC

Reads following metrology data file formats

Zeiss UPMC, Form Talysurf, Talycontour, Mahr LD120, Zygo, Hommel Etanic Nanoscan, Leitz Coordinate measurement system, ASCII-files
(X, Y), customized


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