Polishing calculation software

Synline calculates and designs tools for Synchrospeed & Variospeed polishing processes incl. polishing pad shapes and workpiece reception.

By means of Synline, job preparation gets easier and saves time. The system automatically calculates - on the basis of workpiece data polishing tools - thrust rings for workpiece reception, polishing tapes/foils, standard workpiece reception and collet chucks. The program graphically shows workpiece geometries and rings etc. height, angle, workpiece diameter and width of tool lip and polishing membran of lenses.

Benefits and features

  • Suitable for all Satisloh Precision optics polishing machines
  • Time saving, easy to use software
  • Reliable proofed results due to plausibility checks
  • Highly efficient because of no input errors

Technical information

System requirements

PC with Windows 2000™, XP™ or Windows 7™
PIII Processor
150 MB hard disk space
CD-ROM drive
USB port for dongle


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