Rx-Lab Modules

Rx server and software modules

Modular Windows based software system

Software modules for the automatic calculation and handling of processing information in manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses.

The configureable modules manage the process data for the production of all kind of lenses and finally communicate with surfacing, engraving and finishing equipment.

The modules

RX-Server-AFMicrosoft Windows based data management system for processing all kinds of lenses. Provides interfaces to customer HOST systems, Satisloh software modules and most common surfacing equipment.
RXpertMicrosoft Windows based calculation software for conventional non free-form lens calculation. Open lens database and capability of automatic order calculation.
RX-ShapeTool to detect shape information of incoming faxes, etc. Digitizes your frame information for the use of center thickness optimized lens calculations.
RX-TicketDesigner for job tickets
AF-ClientOrder entry screen with interfaces to all major lens design software vendors.
LensMark-RXEasy to use communication and layout management software for the Lens-Engraver-LC/ALC.
i-FLEX-ServerSelects polishing process parameters for Satisloh flexible tool polishers. Compatible with all VCA compliant LMS systems.
Toro-X-ServerSelects polishing process parameters for Satisloh conventional tool polisher ToroX-2 SL. Compatible with all VCA compliant LMS systems.
Edge-ServerManufacturer independent finishing lab software, connects and controls complete data flow in a finishing lab. Interfaces to tracers, finish blockers, edgers and drilling devices.

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