ISC – Integrated Smart Conveyor

Transform your lens manufacturing production into an automated factory

Satisloh's Integrated Smart Conveyor (ISC), is a completely unique approach to automate your lab with extremely flexible and intelligent conveyors and different levels of routing software, offering configurations for every lab.

Choose from every imaginable layout from in-line and loop bypass systems to the most elaborate layouts for high volume labs and three levels of routing enabling labs to manage, optimize and simplify production workflow. Integrated Smart Conveyor is scalable and easily expandable, as your needs change and grow.

Benefits and features

  • Reduce Work-in-Progress (WIP)- using specialized software and the knowledge of our experienced staff we can plan the ideal lab design layout for your facility - eliminating bottlenecks and streamlining your production flow by balancing the job load per machine for the lowest work-in-progress possible.
  • Lower manufacturing costs - combining Integrated Smart Conveyor system with routing technology leads to highest equipment utilization rates and reduces the number of physical interactions, helping reduce manufacturing costs by reducing direct labor and allocated overhead.
  • Footprint optimization - with Integrated Smart Conveyors we offer the most flexible automation elements so labs can configure their layout optimizing the footprint for even the most challenging spaces with easy machine accessibility for manufacturing and maintenance.

Three levels of software to control and manage conveyor routing

  • MES-360 Routing (Advanced) - based on Machine & Process capability
  • EASY Routing (Intermediate) - based on Job parameter
  • BASIC Routing (Entry) - based on Path availability

Standardized elements
Full line of standardized, configurable elements:

  • Machine conveyor elements
  • Destacker/ Stacker
  • Curves
  • Divert/ Merge elements
  • Elevators
  • Kick-off elements
  • Rotators
  • Over- under loop systems
  • Tandem transfer elements
  • Swing gates
  • Spirals