Economically priced generator for all organic lenses

The VFT-orbit-2E is the new economically priced generator based of the technology of the VFT-orbit-2.  The machine is capable of generating all lens formats including free form surfaces.  With its VFT fast tool technology, VFT-orbit-2E generates up to 70 lenses / hour ready to polish.

 The VFT-orbit-2E is available as manual and automated version.

Benefits and features

  • VFT fast tool ensuring surface accuracy and smoothness enabling “cut-to-polish”
  • Semi-automated working chamber door
  •  Power-save mode: air bearings automatically tun off when the machine is idle, for up to 20% energy savings
  • Can be upgraded on site to the full VFT-orbit 2 
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Very robust
  • Auto-calibration eliminates manual adjustments and saves time

Technical information

  • Working range Concave: milling: -14.5 dpt,
  • Working range Concave turning: up to -30 dpt
  • Working ranges Convex: milling and turning: +30 dpt
  • Lens materials: all organic materials
  • Dimensions (wxdxh): 1771 x 1624 x 1736 mm / 70 x 64 x 68 inches

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