Consumables & Tools Ophthalmic

Satisloh provides individual process solutions for the ophthalmic lens manufacturing with a big assortment of consumables and tools:


Consumables for surfacing

Consumables from Satisloh for all surfacing process steps are thoroughly tested on Satisloh equipment and therefore highly recommended. 

The choice of products:
Protection & blocking
Fining all materials
Polishing all materials
Coolants & defoamers
Generating tools
Job trays


Consumables for coating

Benefit from Satisloh's complete set of consumables for AR and hard coating ophthalmic lenses - well proven and perfectly suited for Satisloh dip coaters, spin coaters, box coaters and sputter coating systems.

The choice of products:
AR consumables
AR accessories
Dip coating materials
Spin coating materials


Consumables for finishing

Take advantage of the complete finishing solution with consumables ensuring a perfect lens finishing.

The choice of products:
Finish pads
Finish blocking
Job trays

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