Repairs & Returns

Quick handling of repairs and returns

Our RMA procedure streamlines returns’ tracking and processing for fast, efficient service. To receive the best possible service when returning goods to Satisloh, please follow our RMA process (Return Merchandise Authorization). This ensures that returns and repairs are routed and traced precisely.

How to proceed

  • Download RMA form
    RMA form
  • Complete RMA form and return via email e.g. using the button on right
  • You will receive an RMA number, or - if applicable - a response that the part in question cannot be returned/repaired
  • The RMA number authorizes your parts return
  • Pack all items thoroughly, clearly label the package with RMA number and send to your Spare Parts Logistic Center. After receipt of your shipment, it will be computer-registered and processed
  • RMA numbers are valid for 60 days
  • For additional RMA process information, please contact your local Satisloh spare parts specialist

Please note:
Returns without an RMA number cannot be accepted and will be returned.